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Benefits for your members

  • Makes frequent volunteering EASY

  • Helps build a strong sense of community

  • All the information your members want in one place

Features Include The FREE version is fully featured!

Have as many event organizers as you wish!

Typically, volunteers sign themselves up.

However, in some cases the volunteer asks the organizer to sign them up.

The organizer can do this, and the volunteer can even receive automatic reminders! *

* provided the volunteer is a member of your group and did not opt out of letting organizers sign them up.

Add a signup sheet to your event and create recurring tasks quickly and easily!

Note your event can span a year or more with recurring tasks that are a few times a month, a few times a week, or even every day!

The signups open date is when people can begin signing up.

The signups close date is when cancellations and other changes are prohibited. *

* the signups open/close restrictions apply to non-managers only

Volunteers get reminders based on the start times of their signups as well as reminders about the event itself, even if their signup and the event happen on different days.

Many organizations require that individuals or families volunteer a certain amount each year. This feature makes it easy!

For events that require RSVPs, this feature helps ensure that volunteers do so.

When the name and contact information of your guests is not enough, you can have guests fill out online form(s) when they RSVP or volunteer.

Online forms on OurEvents are very easy to build.

Sometimes you don’t know how many volunteers you’ll need until you see how many people are coming.

No need to worry! You can choose to let the number of volunteers you request adjust automatically with the number of guests! *

* volunteers are not automatically canceled if the guest count drops and such tasks are left with a few more volunteers than needed

Sometimes the volunteer needs to let the organizer know “I’ll be a 15 minutes late.”

If the task is “Bring an entree,” you may want volunteers to answer the question “What dish are you bringing?”

In this example, you’d also check the box to request that volunteers let other guests see their answer.

As an example, volunteers at an athletic event may need to be given lane assignments.

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